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The free downloads will guide you through setting up your programs so that they work correctly. It is very important that these be set before you use the program.

Jacq Connect curricula is designed to help you and your staff work faster, smarter. The complete handouts are available when you schedule job coaching or classroom training. The class outlines below will help you select what levels you wish to cover. We have also included files used during the classes so you can practice the exercises when you return to your home or office. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Candy Petticord, Vice President of Productivity Services, at C@JacqConnect.us.





Access Trust Center Settings

Outlook 2007 Settings

Outlook 2010 Settings

Word 2007 Settings

Word 2010 Settings

Excel 2007 Settings

Excel 2010 Settings

PowerPoint 2007 Settings

PowerPoint 2010 Settings

Outlook Outline



PowerPoint 1: Slideshow Basics Outline

PowerPoint 2: Animation Outline

PowerPoint Sample Presentation Outline Download

PowerPoint Sample Slideshow: Jacq Connect Annual Meeting Download






Word 1: Document Basics Outline

Word 2: Tables & Mail Merges Outline

Word 3: Forms & Advanced Tools Outline

Word 4: Basic Graphics and Brochures

Word 5: Newsletters

Excel 1: Spreadsheet Basics Outline

Excel 2: Formulas Outline

Excel 3: Advanced Tools Outline

Excel 4: Data Analysis Tools Outline

pc1 Sample Excel Spreadsheet Download



Microsoft Access



Northwind Sample Database Download

Access Settings



How can we help you?

Your staff can work faster and smarter when they have the tools they need to increase their efficiency. Let the productivity team of Jacq Connect help you get those tools:

  • "Live Help" Remote Technical Assistance
  • Staff Training in Microsoft Office
  • Personalized Job Coaching
  • Customized Databases
  • QuickBooks Set-Up
  • Administrative Back Office Support
  • Technology Management

Do you want to learn how to work faster, smarter? Schedule a training session with Jacq Connect. We can do one-on-one job coaching or classroom training with your entire staff.

Personalized job coaching for Microsoft Office products is $50 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. Individual sessions for databases and Adobe Creative Suite products are $80 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. You set the agenda and we work with your files so you can learn how to do your specific job responsibilities more efficiently.

Classroom training is $60 per person with a 6-person minimum (or $500 per class with a 12 person maximum). Classes are three-hours long (we have found that three hours is the saturation point - anything beyond that is sheer torture!). Topics are focused on specific skill sets and cover shortcuts that self-taught users rarely find themselves.

We can also create customized classes for you. Contact Jacquie for more details at j@jacqconnect.us.


Our creative team can develop and implement a strategic marketing plan that will improve communications among your clients, other organizations, and the general community:

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Brochures, Presentations, Ads
  • Interactive Websites, Website Hosting
  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn)

Check out our portfolio for samples of our work!

Jacquie Skrzypiec, President J@JacqConnect.us

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